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June Andrews: A Revolution for Dementia Treatment

Prof June Andrews argues for a revolution in the approach to dealing with dementia.

I always learn something new when I listen to Prof June Andrews. The first time I saw Prof Andrews was at a dementia care conference in 2012. I sat in for one of the sessions as part of the conference and was blown away by the simple, logical and straight up manner in which she talked about dementia.

Like seriously, how many talks have you gone for or conferences that clinicians have thrown at you bombastic latin sounding terminology that sounds kind of confusing or cool but seriously you walk out of the talk feeling like you think you might have learnt something that you paid money for but … not really? Or drone on for ages about their research methods when really they know we are all here for the outcome and really their findings. We trust that you know your methodology, now tell us what the evidence is.

If you could spare a couple of minutes listen to Prof Andrews get straight to the issue at hand as she talks about revolutionising treatment for dementia.

Source: BBC Radio 4 – Four Thought, Series 3, June Andrews: A Revolution for Dementia Treatment



Hi, I'm Dr Joanna Sun, Co-author of the Singapore Environmental Assessment Tool. I am very passionate about working towards improving the care of people with dementia, and I hope my work will make a difference.

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