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Like flea markets, there are hundreds and thousands of videos on dementia on YouTube, from info clips, documentaries, to movies. Just to complicate things, there are also bands who have decided to name themselves dementia who get jumbled up in the mix when you are searching for videos on the syndrome.

I’ve felt frustrated, feeling like I have been going through boatloads of videos and I still can’t find the right one for my family, friends or a client? Everyone is different and for family, friends and for people that I have worked with or cared for, print medium (Click the link above to view print resources) is the way to go, but for others, videos, short films, and movies are great ways to help people better understand dementia. I decided to do something and about it and I’ve gathered a collection of videos that have made an impact on a range of different individuals and groups. The videos come in a range of languages, from Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese, Thai, English and Hindi. The videos are all FREE and accessible from YouTube or Vimeo. I’ve also provided some feedback at the bottom of each video to help you work out the content of the clips. I have categorised them under the following headers.

  • Short videos on Dementia
  • Short Films, Documentaries & Movies on Living with Dementia
  • Environmental Design and Dementia Care
  • Dementia specific programmes

Please note ratings: 1 star  worse to 5 star starstarstarstar for best videos 评论: 一个星star代表平均水准, 五个星star starstarstarstar 代表最高的水准。

Short Videos on Dementia 

Knowing Dementia

Language: English and Chinese

Rating:  star starstarstarstar

Time: 4mins 18seconds / 4分钟18秒

This video is from the Dementia-Friendly Singapore facebook page and talks about the dementia signs and symptoms using the acronym ABCD and how kindness and care can help.

Asian Caregivers: Caring for Parents with Dementia

Language: English

Rating:  star starstarstarstar

Time: 2mins 45seconds

Created by Channel News Asia Insider, yhis video covers some of the challenges envountered by caregivers when caring for a parents with dementia. The video also provide some basic strategies when caregivers encounter difficulties in care. .


Language: English with Chinese Subtitles

Rating: star starstarstarstar

Time: 3mins 14seconds / 3分钟14秒

簡單的圖示,輕鬆認識阿茲海默症(失智症、老人痴呆症) ,值得收藏。 幫助您的家人、朋友和鄰居,更清楚瞭解”失智症”, 可以減輕患者的羞恥感、提高護理水準,甚至幫助戰勝病魔。这个英文短片有中文字幕。

This video is in English with Chinese (traditional) subtitles. An English version without Chinese subtitles or text is available here: What is Alzheimer’s Disease? This video on a personal level has been very insightful and I have shared this video with at least 30 different individuals and their families and this has garnered positive responses from everyone so far. People have feedbacked that it was “easy to understand”, “wow! I wish I had seen this earlier, now everything makes sense” and “I’ve learnt a lot in a few minutes”.

What is Dementia? A Video in Hindi

Language: Hindi

Rating: star starstarstarstar

Time: 8mins 54seconds

This video is in Hindi with no subtitles. An English version is available here: What is Dementia? This film is very useful, providing an explanation about dementia and advice for clients and their families to continue to age in place in the community.

Short Films,  Documentaries & Movies on Living with Dementia

I Never Lie

Language: Chinese with English and Chinese Subtitles

Rating: star starstarstarstar

Time: 14mins 05 seconds / 14分钟05秒


A short film about a husband caring for a wife with dementia in Singapore. She constantly absconds from the home she is residing in and talks about returning to their home town in Malaysia, Malacca. This touching story centres on his love for his wife and the extremes he goes to as he journeys from Singapore to their home town in Malacca to help recreate a story to help address her needs of travelling to Malacca.

Recipe: A telemovie

Language: Chinese, snippets of English with English & Chinese Subtitles / 这短片有中文和英文字幕。

Rating: starstarstarstarstar

Time: 46 mins 24 seconds / 46分钟24秒

由新加坡保健促进局资助,本地名导丘金海(Eric Khoo 绍玮电影公司)指导的电视电影《回味The Recipe》。在片中,“阿姐”郑惠玉难得有机会与老牌艺人李茵珠饰演一对母女,剧情是探讨失智症对家人的影响。其他参与演出的艺人还有沈金星,陈传之,林益民和胡佳琪。

Funded by the Singapore Health Promotion Board, and directed by Eric Khoo (Shao Wei Films) this telemovie “The Recipe” stars Zoe Tay. This telemovie provides an insight in the cultural differences between generations, and life challenges posed by the impact of dementia on a small family. The telemovie maps out the progression of dementia from early to severe stages, and the coping strategies of an Asian family in Singapore.

Language: Cantonese, with Chinese Subtitles/ 这广东话短片有英文字幕。

Rating: starstarstarstarstar

Time: 8 mins 28 seconds / 8分钟28秒


A loving documentary about a husband’s love for his wife as he cares for her in urban Hong Kong.

銀壽司 ~ 令人感動的廣告 ~ 失智母親的記憶 

Language: Japanese with Chinese Subtitles

Rating: starstarstarstarstargrey

Time: 2 mins 30 seconds / 2分钟30秒

一个患有痴呆症的日本母亲和儿子的斗争故事 。这日本短片有中文字幕。

The story of a mother with dementia and the struggles with her son and immediate family who are her caregivers. The story touches on the ambiguous loss experienced by her son and his struggle to accept his mother’s diagnosis and symptoms that she exhibits as her condition progress.

香港認知障礙症協會-Part 1:認識認知障礙症

香港認知障礙症協會-Part 2:如何處理認知障礙症 (上)

香港認知障礙症協會-Part 2:如何處理認知障礙症 (下)

Language: Cantonese, with Chinese Subtitles/ 这广东话短片有英文字幕。

Rating: starstarstarstarstar

Time: 14 mins 58 seconds / 14分钟58秒 Part 1

Time: 8 mins 55 seconds / 8分钟55秒 Part 2.

Time: Time: 10 mins 29 seconds / 10分钟29秒 Part 2.


This two-part short film from Hongkong touches on the life of an older adult that lives alone in the community. The protagonist presents with memory loss, which results in her beliefs that people have been stealing from her. The story also portrays, how the sandwich generation living in high-density cities, with high workloads and stressful lifestyles may miss signs and symptoms exhibited by their loved ones in early stages of the condition. The second part of the film is a bit more educational and directed at the caregiver, with talking heads discussing about dementia care strategies. This can be helpful for a person caring for another with dementia who is living along. Discussion on care plans are also discussed btween the expert from Hong Kong Alzheimer’s Disease Association and the caregiver. This practical video also covers strategies for retaining independence, safe wandering, maintaining nutrition, enabling physical activities, and social activities. Highly recommended!

Ah Kong 阿公

Language: Chinese & Hokkien with no Subtitles/ 这短片有英文字幕。

Rating: starstarstarstarstargrey

Time: 6 mins 20 seconds / 6分钟48秒


This short film by acclaim director Royston Tan in 2010, touches on the relationship between a grandson and his grandfather, It also shows the importance of understanding the history of the person, reminiscence, and the things that make a person who they are.


Language: Chinese, English with English Subtitles/ 这短片没有字幕。

Rating: starstarstarstarstar

Time: 6 mins 19 seconds / 6分钟19秒

这部短片非常打动人心,并谈到了一个单身父亲/渔夫和他的儿子的生命。遗憾的是,这部短片是一家保险公司的广告。在大多数揭示老年矢痴症的电影,低收入和中等收入的财政压力和照顾的负担了解将不实际,但这部短片,给人情况准确的看法 。影片剪辑或广告肯定触动了很多人的心,带来了眼泪。

This short film is really touching and talks about the lives of a single dad who is a fisherman and his son. In most films about dementia, people fail to point the financial stress and burden that compounds low and middle-income families. Unfortunately, this film is an ad for an insurance company but it does point out the realistic issues that people in Asia come to face when juggling a career and caring for their parent singlehandedly. It points out the lacking services in care, and some of the attitudes that families may have to face when moving their parent to care homes in Asia where person-centred care is unavailable or unheard of. This short film or ad has certainly touched a lot of hearts and brought a tear to many who have seen it. This also introduced the lifestyles of people in Asia to those in the west who are not familiar with the living conditions that day to day Asians may reside in. A very impactful short film.

Alzheimer’s Disease Short Film from Thailand

Language: Thai with English subtitles/ 这短片没有中文, 只有英文字幕。

Rating: starstarstarstarstar

Time: 2 mins 57 seconds / 2分钟57秒


A beautiful Thai short film about a lady with dementia and her husband. This short film shows the audience the importance of person-centred care and the love and dedication between couples.

Going Home

Due to legalities expressed in the youtube post, please go to youtube and search for ‘going home’.

Language: Cantonese, snippets of English with English Subtitles/ 这短片有英文字幕。

Rating: starstarstarstarstargrey

Time: 9 mins 8 seconds / 9分钟8秒

这部短片在2009年赢得了大奖。故事: 患有矢痴症的奶奶去买饭给予孙女迷了路。

Prize-winning video produced by Vinn Bay and Tee Boon Leng for a video competition as part of the ADI (Alzheimer’s Disease International) conference in March 2009. This story touches on a grandmother with dementia who loses her way home after buying lunch for her granddaughter.

Louis Theroux – Extreme Love 2/2: Dementia 

Language: English / 这短片没有中文, 只有英文字幕。

Rating: starstarstarstarstar

Time: 58 mins 56 seconds / 58分钟56秒

英国广播公司的纪录片,Louis Theroux 前往美国,并参观养老院的居民,对于痴呆症患者。他拜访89岁有痴呆的Nancy和她的丈夫,和有年轻痴呆发病的Celinda。

A BBC documentary by Louis Theroux as he travels to the USA and visits the residents in an aged care home, “Beatitudes” that cares for people with Dementia. He also visits 89-year-old Nancy has dementia and is living with her husband and Celinda who has young onset dementia.

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