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A Website About Dementia For Kids!

An amazing website (Alzheimer’s – Dementia in My Family) for kids, dementia in my family is a website by Alzheimer’s Australia. The website recognises the needs of children from pre-school to 16+ and provides information catered specially to each age group.

Interactive pages, ebook, videos, and illustrations in beautiful eye-catching detail that is sure to keep the kids engaged and learning about dementia. For kids who are a bit more adventurous, there is even a quiz at the end!

Below are some examples of the illustrations seen in the pre-school read along. How straight forward is this explanation of the brain and dementia!




AFL star Sam Mitchell and Maree McCabe fromAlzheimer’s Australia talks about the website in this video.

I wish someone had told me this when I was a kid and was wondering what in the world was going on with my great grand mother. Don’t leave your kids in the dark, share this resource with your children and teach them to understand and prevent dementia! A must see website for all parents!

Source: Alzheimer’s – Dementia in My Family


Hi, I'm Dr Joanna Sun, Co-author of the Singapore Environmental Assessment Tool. I am very passionate about working towards improving the care of people with dementia, and I hope my work will make a difference.

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