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More room for wiser minds in governing, says Ong Ye Kung

Politics News -SINGAPORE – There can be more room for the Government to exercise judgment and discretion because the world is now too complex to be reduced to rules, Acting Education Minister Ong Ye Kung said on Monday (Jan 25).. Read more at

Source: Parliament: More room for wiser minds in governing, says Ong Ye Kung, Politics News & Top Stories – The Straits Times

This is a heartfelt statement, in the midst of dollar and cents, in the black and white, this statement was a breath of fresh air after weeks of holding it in whenever I saw an article about dementia in the news. It’s been a roller-coaster month with debates over the luxury
” of space for people with dementia which is according to World Health Organisation, a terminal condition, there is no cure. It’s been great to see the dementia-friendly Yishun. As I continue to work on my research and look to countries like Japan and Taiwan and their care for the elderly and I wonder how can we improve? How can we be inclusive, how can we not be that awful wooden bowl? How can we do better as a nation?

It is in hope that there will be more wisdom in the governance of the country; as the world evolves, we are plagued by a wheel of constant change. To keep the country flourishing and the gears turning, we need a high functioning society that understands and maintains the homeostasis required to keep Singapore at the top of its game. I sincerely hope that the government will be able to look beyond the now and plan judiciously for the future to ensure that the needs of Singaporeans can be met in order for us to contribute to the nation that we call home.




Hi, I'm Dr Joanna Sun, Co-author of the Singapore Environmental Assessment Tool. I am very passionate about working towards improving the care of people with dementia, and I hope my work will make a difference.

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