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Waijiang Music

A beautiful video on WaiJiang music and the use of music to honor and remember the ones you love.

This video provides an insight into the passionate Teochew musicians in Singapore. I’m still reeling from the fact that they don’t have a score and everything is memorised. It’s amazing, the commitment of the musicians. One of the older adults appeared to have difficulties going up the stairs, but he still made it up to go for their jamming session. People talk about how we need to find more appropriate music that reflects the era of the person with dementia, and songs that are culturally appropriate. We still have a team in Singapore that continues to carry this tradition on with fierce dedication, as they preserve and cherish our heritage and culture in Singapore.

If you are looking for traditional Teochew music, these musicians are the real deal.


Hi, I'm Dr Joanna Sun, Co-author of the Singapore Environmental Assessment Tool. I am very passionate about working towards improving the care of people with dementia, and I hope my work will make a difference.

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