Therapeutic Activities 活动

“I’m sick of all these activities for kids, we’re not kids, this is really insulting”. Rocking up for an evening shift, I popped in to say hi to a resident and this was what she said to me. She was sitting in her comfy chair with the television switch on, and I recalled the tennis was on. She looked at me, her face scrunched up in anger. She was given a picture of a clown to colour in and she was livid. This was many years ago before adult colouring books were available. With that in mind, I have compiled a list of easy to do, stylish, and culturally appropriate activities for older adults.  The activities can also be enjoyed by the whole family. For diversional therapist or reactional and lifestyle therapist, these activities may also be helpful if you are working with a range of multi-cultural residents. Categories include art/craft therapies, music therapies. pet therapies, food/cooking activities, language-based activities, and activities for carers and caregivers.

There are, however, one or two activities may be services or programmes that you may require additional support such as pet therapy depending on the scale in which you may wish to run the programme. There are also therapeutic activities for staff and caregivers to understand dementia. Always check with your supervisors if you wish to implement any programmes or services.

More activities coming up soon! Be sure to check back or follow this site for updates!

Art/Craft Therapy

Hand muffs for dementia

Music Therapy:

An Amazing Music and Memory Programme for Dementia

Pet therapy:

A Video by National Geographic on Animal therapy

Australia’s Dogs 4 Dementia is Expanding!

Food/Cooking Activities:

Food Nostalgia Workshops, a deliciously fresh idea to support Dementia

Quick, easy and healthy Asian meals: Part 1

Language -based Activities:

The Art of Spoken Word & Dementia

Dementia Language Project

Activities for Carers & Caregivers

Care staff gets a taste of living with dementia

Mindfulness & Empowerment